SR 20 Widening Project From SR 360 to SR 371


GDOT Project #: 0002862
Type: Reconstruction/Rehabilitation
Project Length: 6.3 miles
Affected Counties: Cherokee & Forsyth
Condemning Authority: GDOT
Estimated Affected Parcels: 255
Estimated Cost: $139,133,707
Right-of-Way Funds: $59,470,000


SR 20 is a major east-west thoroughfare on the northern edge of Metropolitan Atlanta which is experiencing congestion, limited mobility, and safety issues between Canton and Cumming. As part of an overall SR 20 Improvements plan, GDOT is proposing to widen approximately 6.3 miles of SR 20 from SR 369 (Hightower Road) in Cherokee County to SR 371 (Post Road) in Forsyth County via Project #0002862.

Project #0002862 proposes to widen SR 20 from two to six lanes (three in each direction) separated by a raised concrete median. There will be urban shoulders with curb and gutter and a 5-foot sidewalk on both sides of the road. Auxiliary turn lanes will be added at major driveways and intersections. Access to side roads and driveways will be controlled by Restricted Crossing U-Turns (RCUTs) placed in the median. Truck turn-arounds will be provided at certain RCUTs based on consideration of adjacent facilities that may draw tractor trailers. The proposed design speed is 45 mph, and the project length is approximately 6.3 miles.

The cost estimate breakdown for project #0002862 follows:

Preliminary Engineering 2004 $ 2,920,561
Preliminary Engineering 2014 $ 2,000,000
Right of Way 2019 $ 15,153,282
Right of Way 2020 $ 44,316,718
Utilities 2023 $ 2,898,349
Construction 2023 $ 71,844,797


GDOT hosted five public involvement open houses on the SR 20 Improvements Plan which included information on Project #0002862 (as well as Projects #0003681 and #0003682) starting in May 2013 through May 2017.

The road widening may accommodate increased traffic, but property owners on the planned route should be aware of the changes being made and how their properties may be affected by both the process, construction, and resulting traffic patterns.

Business and homeowner concerns

As usual, property owners stand to lose some or all of their property when the government decides it’s needed for the public good. GDOT will make offers, but it’s important to remember that those offers may be low. Like any other buyer, GDOT wants to buy as affordably as possible. It probably will not include things like relocation expenses or lost business income in the initial offer. You must fight for that compensation!

Also, certain side streets, driveways, and entrances will have modified access to SR 20. Some will have Restricted Crossing U-turns (RCUTs) installed – a type of median break that will prohibit left-turns from the side street to the main road and require the driver to turn right onto SR 20 and make a U-turn maneuver.  This may affect access to your property.

There may be drainage and utility easements taken, which can be very tricky from a property rights standpoint. In addition, there are also historic properties, streams and wetlands, and residences and businesses that may require context-sensitive solutions to minimize the impact of this project.

Your property may be significantly affected by these changes. Contact us if your property is in the path of this SR 20 widening project, and we can discuss your circumstances.

What to do if your property is affected

Even though the government can take your land, you still have rights. GDOT has set aside an estimated $59,470,000 for right-of-way acquisition for this project – but there may be surrounding circumstances that could complicate matters.

You have the right to fair compensation. Remember: the initial offer is just the beginning as long as you do not accept it. You can fight for more. Call 1-888-391-1339 or contact us as soon as possible for a complimentary case evaluation.

We do not take an attorney’s fee unless we increase the government’s offer, and our fee only comes from the increased amount – this is our “no fee guarantee.” The initial offer is entirely yours, regardless of what you do next or what we may be able to obtain. And, we front the costs of fighting your case. If we’re unable to increase the government’s offer to you, you don’t pay them. We do. That is how confident we are that we can assist you.2

Project maps

SR 20 Widening Project From SR 360 to SR 371 Map

SR 20 Widening Project From SR 360 to SR 371 Map 2

Estimated project schedule

Right of Way Acquisition – 2019 – 2020

Utilities – 2023

Start Construction – 2023

Affected parcels

An estimated 255 parcels of property will be affected by the widening of SR 20 in Cherokee and Forsyth Counties. Those property owners may lose a portion of their properties, or a significant amount of their value. For homeowners and commercial property owners in the path of the project, it is critical to understand that the government’s initial offer is just that – initial. We do not recommend you accept the initial offer.

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