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We used to work for a state DOT. We know what you’re up against. See why our clients get 3x their initial property offers.1

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Our lead attorneys teach other attorneys how to handle these types of cases and have appeared on local TV channels, interviewed on public radio and featured in nearly 100 newspapers and websites.

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Property being taken?
Want triple their offer?1

It’s frustrating to be told you have to sell. And most of the time these offers are low, have mistakes, or include important property rights.

A state legislature’s own study shows that those who don’t accept the government’s offer get 85% more for their property.

We do even better than that. On average, we get 208.1% more for our clients — that’s 3x the original offer.

No win. No fee.2

To say our fee structure is a “win-win” is mild. But we make special promises because we’re confident in our people.

First, we help you collect the government’s initial offer without closing negotiations, so you get all the money you would have without us.

Then we front the costs to build your case. We may hire experts or put in long hours. You still pay nothing. And you never will if we don’t get more.

Only after we get the government to agree to pay you more do we take a cut.

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Issues You May Be Facing

Loss of Income

Is the loss of your property also causing a loss of actual or potential income? You may be entitled to compensation.

Relocation Expenses

Many times, eminent domain forces people to move. You should ensure your relocation costs are fully covered.


When your home is condemned, you’re technically being sued. We can handle the paperwork and legal processes.

Inverse Condemnation

Sometimes, the government or utility take actions that infringe on your property without outright taking it. But they may still owe compensation.


An easement is when the entity claims the right to use your land without actually taking it. But this may damage your property’s value.


Not all appraisers and appraisals are created equal. Our appraisers will make sure your home or business is valued properly.

Ferondo Moore
He’d already doubled the offer, but something told him to call…

Ferondo Moore was offered $38,000 for a utility easement that the DOT claimed “wouldn’t affect” his business. No stranger to real estate deals, Ferondo was able to convince the DOT to nearly double that offer. Even so, a friend suggested he contact us.

If Ferondo had not listened to his friend’s advice, he would not have realized the life-changing extent of that easement’s damages to his business until it was too late. And he would have left an additional $337,000 on the table — 10x more.1

Former GA Eminent Domain Law Firm client Glenn.
When the stakes were sky high, Glenn turned to us. And we delivered.

Semi-retired, Glenn was counting on his businesses in NC to help generate income — but the DOT there had other plans. They told Glenn they were taking huge pieces of his land; worse, they offered him much less than he knew it was worth. It was going to take some serious research to get the DOT to budge.

We were up to the task. This was Glenn’s first time going through this, but we had “other side” experience from working for a state DOT. We knew how to challenge their appraisal, counter with our own expert analysis, and get Glenn over 300% more in just compensation.1,3

Former GA Eminent Domain Law Firm client Tony.
You don’t need to know the law to recognize a lowball offer…

When Tony Dickens got his offer from the NCDOT, he was sure it was some kind of mistake. Less than $2,000? After confirming the offer was accurate, Tony refused to give in. He called and asked us to fight for everything he was entitled to under the law.

Good thing he did. Through hard work, meticulous research, and forceful negotiation, we got the government to up his offer to $43,150 — an increase of more than 2,000%.1 Tony was very happy with the outcome and the personal care he received along the way.3

We invest in cases we believe in — large and small.

We’re in the unique situation of having a firm that practices eminent domain exclusively, yet we are under the umbrella of the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin, one of the largest firms in Southeast, and Monge & Associates, a powerful firm known across Georgia.

This means we can take cases large and small — across the entire state of Georgia — and have the resources available to push them for maximum value.

Commercial, residential suburb, and rural farmland properties.

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There are only a handful of attorneys in GA who practice eminent domain exclusively. And even fewer with DOT experience. That’s why it’s always worth it to get a free case evaluation.

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1) Tell us about your situation.

2) We research your property as needed, using DOT maps, our own technology, and experience to see the exact effects.

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But please don’t wait to act. Waiting can hurt your case, and the cost is the same: free.

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