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We have the resources to invest in our clients’ eminent domain cases. And it shows.

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Our Results Speak for Themselves

We have effective, proven processes to build your case value. And our extraordinary client results reflect this. Since our firm began, we’ve increased clients’ average initial offers by more than 3x!1

I received more compensation than I thought possible.” —Mary T.


Actual headlines of our results1

Three ripped newspaper headlines showing our law firm's results.


$4 million
Over an original offer of <$450k
$0 → $756,600
$2.8 million
Commercial property
$1,200 → $149,600
$1.8 million
Commercial property
$2,425 → $165,000
$1.7 million
Partially vacant property
$3,125 → $175,000
$1.6 million
Fast food chain
$15,300 → $332,475
$1.4 million
Business park
$20,600 → $250,000
$1.3 million
Commercial property
$26,000 → $275,000
$1.1 million
More than triple the original offer
$30,450 → $290,000

Helping commercial and residential property owners fight for full compensation

“It was well worth it to hire an experienced attorney in this area of law. We would not have achieved the great outcome without their representation.” —United Church Homes and Services1

Our clients get 3x more on average.1

Family of three on the lawn in front of their house.
Almost 10x More for Lost Residential Property Value

We demonstrated that there were significant damages to a family’s remaining home and site after a residential strip taking.

Our client was heavily compensated for the lost value of the residential property.1

Smiling car mechanic.
3x Initial Offer for Whole Business Loss Compensation

We negotiated a new access lane so that a mechanic shop owner could stay in business in spite of parking loss due to DOT construction.

Our client received compensation for the taking and got to keep the building.1

White house with dark roof and a tree in front.
Almost 3x More in Compensation for Residential Property

We utilized experts to argue that the “highest and best use” of a residential property was potentially as a commercial development.

Our clients received $821,000 more than the DOT’s initial offer.1

Disability parking spot.
Medical Center Saved, Compensation Paid

We prevented the closure of a medical center by recreating parking on adjacent property.

Our client, who owned the land, was able to keep both the tenant and the total business loss settlement funds.1

Sun setting on a small family farm with a red barn and gravel driveway.
33x More Value for Pipeline Easement

We argued that an easement the Dominion Power Atlantic Cost Pipeline needed would damage land and improvement values of a family farm.

Our clients received the largest settlement award on a price-per-square foot basis for the entire pipeline.1

Easement construction in a residential neighborhood on a circular driveway.
Temporary Easement, Permanent Peace of Mind

We negotiated a temporary easement affecting a client’s circular driveway.

Our client received the guidance they needed – and 9x the original offer.1

A small house with a green roof and brick facade in the suburbs.ALT TEXT: A small house with a green roof and brick facade in the suburbs.
Small Partial Taking, Big Risk Averted

We showed that a seemingly small, partial taking actually put a homeowner at risk of violating county guidelines.

Our clients received $250,000 – and were able to keep their home.1

Aerial view of a marina on a lake in Georgia, USA.
Costly GDOT Appraisal Omission

We detected an omission in a DOT appraisal of a marina in which the appraiser did not investigate the suitability of certain pieces of land for development.

The DOT agreed to pay our client a total award of $538,000 because of the value we discovered in those remnant parcels of land.1

How a phone call helped one businessman get 10x more
money for his property

Former client Ferondo standing in front of his resturantFerondo Moore was about to sign a permanent utility easement contract giving the state permission to run some utility lines on a portion of his business property – a Church’s Chicken drive thru. This Church’s Chicken, incidentally, was going to be Mr. Moore’s retirement nest egg.

No stranger to real estate deals, Mr. Moore was able to nearly double the DOT’s initial offer on his own. At that point, even though the DOT assured him the easement would not affect his day-to-day operations, something made him hesitate, and he didn’t sign the contract. Instead, he called a friend for advice who had been in a similar situation.

His friend’s advice was to call us.

Mr. Moore confided that contacting us was one of the best decisions he had ever made. Turns out, the day-to-day operations of that drive thru were affected. Very much so. That utility easement took away about half of the parking spaces, causing a negative impact on his business.

We took his case to trial and convinced a jury to make the DOT increase their original offer of less than $40,000 to more than $400,000* – more than 10x the original offer.1

How we helped double the initial DOT offer for one client’s retirement property

Smiling man wearin glass and wearing a pink shirtMany years ago, a client bought 13 acres that once belonged to his grandfather and had been in the family for hundreds of years. Having lived in Atlanta for many years, he was ready to move back to the old homeplace and build a nice little house in the woods where he could have a bit of privacy.

“When you live around Atlanta,” he laughed, “you want to be by yourself.”

But after buying back the family acreage he’d dreamed of living out his golden years on, our client received a notice from the Department of Transportation telling him not to make any improvements on the land without contacting them first.

We met with him and his neighbors and were able to prove to the DOT that the damages to our client’s land caused by the eminent domain taking were higher than what the state had accounted for. Ultimately, we were able to double the client’s settlement.1

Only paying for great results: Our “Second Check guarantee

We put you first with our unique “Second Check” system.

Your first check: GDOT will make you an offer for your property. We can help you collect that check without inadvertently closing your case. This money is yours to keep no matter what.

Your second check: We dig into the details, build your case, negotiate for more than the initial offer, and get you a second check.

If we can’t get you a second check, you pay us nothing.2

Our second check guarantee means you only pay a fee if we get you a second check, guaranteed.

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