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7 Examples of Eminent Domain: Key Takeaways for Property Owners Like You

The government has the power of eminent domain, the power to take private property for public use. In addition to…

What Does It Mean if There’s a Utility Easement on My Property?

If your property is subject to a utility easement, it means that a utility - private or government - has…

What is a sewer easement, and how does it affect my property?

A sewer easement gives the government the right to access and utilize your property when it needs to build or…

Landlocked Property Law: Can Eminent Domain Take Your Road Access?

So, GDOT has taken the part of your property that connected you to the road? You now have what’s known…

Drainage Easements: What You Need to Know and Why You Should Care

Across my nearly two decades of practice as an attorney, my eminent domain clients have had many questions about easements…

Can a Property Owner Block an Easement?

There are two ways you can interpret the question above. First, can you, as a property owner, prevent the creation…

Two Takeaways From the Atlanta Beltline Case and the Complexity of Eminent Domain Law

Eminent domain law can be a complex and multi-layered animal, and this story is to forgive the pun, case-in-point. There…

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