State Route 316 Improvement Project at SR 8/US 29 Winder Hwy


GDOT Project #: 0013897
Type: New Road and Bridge Construction
Project Length: 1.3 miles
Affected Counties: Gwinnett
Condemning Authority: GDOT
Estimated Affected Parcels: 11
Estimated Cost: $82,891,020
Right-of-Way Funds: $20,806,000


The Georgia DOT has planned a series of reconstruction projects in order to improve dangerous conditions on State Route 316. The total project will run from SR 20 (Gwinnett County) to SR 10 (Oconee County). According to GDOT, traffic congestion and crash rates along this corridor are unsustainable. The goal is to make the corridor a freer flowing, safer roadway for commuters.

This leg of the project (GDOT #0013897) focuses on improvements at the SR 316 and the SR 8/US 29 Winder Highway interchange. Project improvements and features include:

  • US 29/SR 8 will be raised nearly thirty feet, and a bridge will be built to span SR 316 (with MSE walls at both bridge approaches)
  • Two new bridges will be constructed on SR 316 in both directions over current Colonial Pipeline crossing.
  • New SR 316 lanes.

Business and Homeowner Concerns

The construction project will soon impact or is already impacting Georgia property owners. Access to SR 8/US 29 from Stanley Road will be closed and relocated to the north. For the Stars and Strikes Shopping Center, the driveway to the north will be closed. The QuikTrip on SR 8 will have its main driveway shifted to Fence Road; access to SR 8/US 29/Winder Highway will be closed. These are just a few of the most noticeable disruptions. Will your home or business be affected?

Many property owners only become aware of GDOT construction when they are notified that their land will be taken for public use. There are many variables and every client’s situation is unique. For example, if your business is impacted directly or indirectly, you may be entitled to compensation for loss of business income. If you are forced to relocate, you may be entitled to compensation for that, too. This can be a stressful and confusing time for property owners – but you do have rights.

What to Do if Your Property Is Affected

A GDOT project may be in the public interest, but that likely won’t matter too much to you if you’re being displaced. While fighting a GDOT project is unlikely to be successful, more than $20 million has been set aside to compensate affected property owners for this leg of construction. By federal and state law, you are entitled to just compensation for losses you experience due to GDOT’s work.

Because this is the law, GDOT will make you an offer for your property. You should not accept this initial offer. The government is safeguarding their own best interests and want to acquire your property for as little as possible. You can and should fight for more, and having a skilled attorney on your side can make that a lot easier. Call 1-888-391-1339 or contact us as soon as possible for a free case evaluation.

We do not take an attorney’s fee unless we increase the government’s offer, and our fee only comes from the extra money. This is our contingency fee guarantee.2 No matter what, the initial offer is entirely yours to keep. We’ll use our resources and experience to fight for maximum compensation on your behalf.

Project Maps

State Route 316 Improvement Project Map 1

Estimated Project Schedule

Right of Way Acquisition – Ongoing

Construction Begins – May 2023

Affected Parcels

An estimated 11 parcels of property will be affected by this portion of the SR 316 Improvement Project. These property owners may lose a portion of their properties, or a significant amount of their value. Are you one of them?

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