Big Creek Parkway from Warsaw Road to Old Alabama Road


GDOT Project #: 0010874
Type: New Road Construction
Project Length: About 1.9 miles
Affected Counties: Fulton
Condemning Authority: GDOT, City of Roswell
Estimated Affected Parcels: 56
Estimated Cost: $59,079,926
Right-of-Way Funds: $16,561,212


The Big Creek Parkway road construction is one of the largest transportation projects in the city of Roswell to date. This is phase two of the project.

The overall project purpose is to construct a new roadway (two lanes wide) from Warsaw Road to Old Alabama Road (across from GA 400). Bridges will be a big focus, with a new one built over GA 400, a new bridge over Big Creek, and improvements to the existing Old Holcomb Bridge Road. The new road will feature both a sidewalk and a bike path.

The purpose of the new road construction is to relieve some of the congestion along Holcomb Bridge Road.

Business and Homeowner Concerns

With the start of construction, homes and businesses are expected to be heavily impacted. Construction will take years to complete. For homeowners, this could bring traffic closer to their doors and drastically reduce the value of their properties. Business and commercial property owners risk losing parking, signage, and even access as traffic flow is altered.

Common concerns for home and business owners include:

What to Do if Your Property Is Affected

You have rights even though the government can take your land. GDOT has set $16,561,212 aside to compensate owners affected by the project, but the offers some property owners receive from state officials may amount to far less than what their property is worth. GDOT, like most buyers, is motivated to purchase property as affordably as possible.

We urge you to consult with a skilled eminent domain attorney prior to accepting any GDOT offer.

News and Publications

Roswell finalizes Big Creek Parkway alignment plans, Alpharetta-Roswell Herald

Roswell working on Big Creek Parkway project, North Fulton Neighbor

Project Map

Big Creek Parkway Road Construction Map

Estimated Project Schedule

Right of Way Acquisition – 2023

Start Construction – 2023

End Construction – TBD

Affected Parcels

An estimated 56 parcels of property will be affected by this GDOT project. For homeowners and business owners in the path of construction, remember that the government’s initial offer should be the beginning of negotiations. We do not recommend you accept the initial offer.

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