Chattahoochee Hills Greenway Trail


GDOT Project #: 0012877
Type: Last Mile Connectivity / Side Paths and Trails
Project Length: 11 miles
Affected Counties: Douglas
Condemning Authority: Douglas County
Estimated Affected Parcels: 26
Estimated Cost: $42,460,639
Right-of-Way Funds: $7,118,000


This three-phase project is a key segment of the planned 98 miles of trails in the Chattahoochee Hill Country Trail Systems, which will span four counties. The three phases of this project will cover approximately 11 miles from the Douglas County pilot segment in Boundary Water Park to Sweetwater Creek State Park.

Phase 1 takes place on property already associated with the parks and existing utility easements, ending at Fairburn Road.

Phase 2 will curve north and follow Riverside Drive and the Chattahoochee River, and then curve under Riverside Drive through a proposed underpass. It would then cross Sweetwater Creek over a new pedestrian and bicycle bridge, and end at Rock House Road.

Phase 3 starts at the intersection of Rock House Road and Riverside Parkway and follows the former into Sweetwater State Park to the intersection of Old Factory Shoals Road and Factory Shoals Road.

Business and Homeowner Concerns

Even though the county and the state are attempting to plan the project according to land and easements already owned by the state, property owners will still be affected. Existing trails may be widened or developed. The government may also expand its existing, taking even more from property owners previously affected by a taking.

If you own property along the planned path of the greenway, you should be aware of the effects this project could potentially have on your land. The government may take property or expand an easement. The construction process may result in a construction easement that, while temporary, could last for years.

What to Do if Your Property Is Affected

The Georgia constitution requires the government to compensate property owners when it takes their land. In fact, more than $7 million in funding has been set aside for that purpose. Like any buyer, the government wants your property at the best price it can get. Expect an offer that may sell your property – or the damage done to it – short. And remember that you’re not required to accept the government’s offer! You can fight for more.

In fact, in our experience, your property is likely worth significantly more than that initial offer. Plus, compensation for expenses such as lost business income or relocation are never included. You have to fight for them as well.

The initial offer is just the beginning – as long as you do not accept it. Let us help you. Call 1-888-391-1339 or contact us as soon as possible for a complimentary case evaluation.

We do not take an attorney’s fee unless we increase the government’s offer, and our fee only comes from the increased amount – our no fee guarantee. The initial offer is entirely yours regardless of what you do next or what we may be able to obtain. Further, we front the costs of fighting your case and if we’re unable to increase the government’s offer to you, you don’t pay them. We do. That is how confident we are that we can assist you.

News and Publications

The Trust for Public Land Chattahoochee RiverLands

Douglas County Public Involvement Handout

Project Maps

Chattahoochee Hills Greenway Trail Map 1

Chattahoochee Hills Greenway Trail Map 2

Chattahoochee Hills Greenway Trail Map 3

Chattahoochee Hills Greenway Trail Map 4

Chattahoochee Hills Greenway Trail Map 5

Chattahoochee Hills Greenway Trail Map 6

Chattahoochee Hills Greenway Trail Map 7

Estimated Project Schedule

Right of Way Acquisition – 2023

Start Construction – 2025

End Construction – TBD

Affected Parcels

An estimated 26 parcels of property will be affected by the Chattahoochee Greenway project. Property owners may still lose significant amounts of land by taking or by the increase of an existing easement, representing significant financial value and usability. For owners in the path of the project, it is critical to understand that the government’s initial offer is just that – initial. We do not recommend you accept the initial offer.

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